Mid Brain Activation Programme

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

The 2 days Mid-brain programme

The 2 days Mid-brain programme is designed for the age group of 4-15 year children to give an eye-opening introduction to thier brain abilities. The objectives is to let children experience what right brain functioning is all about and to help them identify their inherent powers which they have got by birth itself. This workshop is not a lecture based dull workshop like school subjects rather it is full of fun, joy, creativity and wild imaginations.

This workshop will serve as a spring board, as it gives children a whole new perspective about their brain capabilities & the abundant powers their brain possess. It is like 'starting the engine of their brain'

The Mid-brain acts as a sort of control tower of consciousness and is equipped with highly advanced intelligence...if a person developes his Mid brain, he can accuire a memory that will allow him to never forget whatever they have seen or heard once. The Mid brain is in change of controlling the entire human organism including the viscera. The deep human conciousness controls the Mid brain...Once you learn how to access the Mid brain, you can become a super human.

How do you activate Mid-brain?

Activation is what science generally refers to the process whereby someting is prepared or excited for a subsequent reaction. In our workshop, students are prepared to experience creative activities that they have not experienced in their school and colleges. Which is followed by excitment in discovering their awesome abilities of the brain. The subsequent reaction anticipated is the inspiration, motivation and new preception they will gain in life.

Key Contents of this Workshop - Benefits of the workshop


How do we get to know that the workshop is effective?

At the end of the 2 days workshop we conduct a live demonstration with all the children who have attended the workshop. A basic demonstration that would show your child's instant development through which he/she might be able to identify colors, numbers, figures, pictures and alphabets etc. all blindfold ( by Closed Eyes)

So, if your child is still in between age of 4-15 yrs, you would better not delay, so register your kid for this wonderful life transforming workshop. After this workshop the kids might not need private tutions and coaching classes.